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  • Key questions:
    • Do you want to succeed?
    • Do you enjoy work?
    • How much do you really work?
  • Remember you have a choice
Achieving Work Life Balance
  • Remember:
    • Key assumptions?
    • Comparison with last year?
    • Market activity
    • Productivity?
    • Unit costs?
Assigning Budgets
  • It's not personal - redundancies are rarely performance related
  • Make a plan - productivity reduces anxiety
  • Be ruthless on your finances
  • Make sure your contacts know
  • You're job hunting
  • You've still got all the same skills - don't think you're not valuable
Bouncing Back from Redundancy
  • Career trajectory:
    • Start = strong technical skills
    • Middle = people management skills
    • End = strategic thinking becomes essential
  • You'll need all these skills to succeed
Building Your Career Skills
  • How people perceive your ethics effects how they perceive you
  • Values alignment = sharing interests, values and priorities
  • Credibility = deliver on what you say
  • Moments of truth = where trust is made or broken
  • Do something different from the team
  • Be clear about outcomes
  • Encourage the team to talk
  • Delegate the praise
How To Delegate
  • Use PowerPoint appropriately
  • Minimise number of slides
  • One main message
  • Minimise word count
  • Minimise graphics
How To Use PowerPoint
  • Be bold
  • Anyone can act strategically
  • Show you can take initiative
Make Strategy Real
  • Size isn't important:
    • Quality is
  • Build trust
  • Share values
  • Deliver
Networks Of Influence
  • Explain the reasons for change and the benefits
  • Get employee participation and suggestions
  • Relate the change to people's personal motivations
Reducing Resistance to Change
  • Be ruthless in focusing on audience
  • Brief also needs:
    • Benefits
    • Reason why
    • Brand character
The Advertising Brief
  • The MBTI is a valid, reliable personality test
  • It gives insight into a person's energy and behaviours
  • Personality traits are ordered into four preferences
  • Each preference has two options
  • Your selected options create your personality 'code'
Understanding Your Personality Type
  • You get what you deserve
  • Watch out for scope creep
  • Maximise every minute
Using Consultants