What’s culture got to do with it?

Earlier this year we attended the E-Learning Day in Warsaw. This is always a great venue to visit because there’s such a strong entrepreneurial streak in Poland and a real desire to look for new and innovative ways of mixing up everyday procedures within the organisation. All in all, the environment is always inspiring.

After our presentation we got into a discussion with some learning professionals from the banking and mobile industries in Warsaw. It was pretty clear that organisational culture and generational issues were seen as the biggest considerations when trying to deploy new ways of learning within their sectors.

The audiences themselves were in no way resistant to discussing different ways of doing things – be it MOOCs, social, collaborative, or mobile learning. Their biggest concern, however, was how to get these new methodologies past the senior (usually older) colleagues who tend to be much more wary and resistant to implementing new modalities. This is while keeping in mind that they also have to appeal to their Gen X and Gen Y employees who are beginning to assume early management responsibilities. (There’s no denying that the latter group is much more comfortable in a multi-tasking collaborative environment.)

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Rewiring Your Learning

Skill Pill had an article published in Training Industry Magazine's September/October issue titled: Rewiring Your Learning. 

Topics covered include:

  • How Cloud learning is your ‘knowledge GPS’
  • Supplementary rather than replacement learning strategy
  • What can we learn from the Matrix?
  • Real-world example (FTSE)
  • 10 top tips for content creation 

To see the full article, click here

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Increase Just-in-Time Learning

7 Smart Ways to Increase Just-in-Time Learning with Skill Pill

The Skill Pill app provides valuable ‘Just in Time’ learning content to help users refresh their knowledge when and where they needed… that is provided that they are aware of, and engaged with, the app.

Here are 7 tips to increase engagement and interaction with Skill Pill learning content.

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Just-in-Time Technology

Many L&D and HR professionals are discovering the benefits of Just-in-Time Learning Technologies for their employees but, the big question is: how to best implement them? This trend is in part prompted by the shift from mandatory to self-service learning:  From the “you have to do this” to “look at this if you find it useful”.

As a result, L&D departments need to ‘market’ the content better (e.g. make it more engaging).  Similarly, they need to associate or tag the material with particular challenges – in order to increase the relevance of digital learning materials. So, when looking at Just in Time learning you need an understanding of user motivations and their access to the learning objects. What you’re ultimately trying to provide for employees is convenience: ease of accessing information for learning.

Firstly, you need to make sure the information is ‘tagged’. This means ‘slice and dicing’ the learning so that the content can be easily associated with the task at hand. A manager under pressure is not likely to peruse an e-learning module on Strategy and Change.  But he/she is more likely to look at ‘Managing team conflict’ if indeed that is the context at hand. 

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You, Your Phone & Knowledge

You, Your Mobile Phone and Knowledge: Where’s the Connection?

“Infobesity”… “Infomania”… Call it what you like, the general population is dealing with an influx of content coming at them on a daily basis, from multiple platforms, in various formats – whether they want it or not.

There was a report done by Hewlett Packard in 2005 that suggested how the zest for more information has seemingly led to a collective ‘dumbing down’ of the population (Wilson, 2010). While this may seem counterintuitive, you need to consider it from the perspective that there is a difference between the dissemination of knowledge and the actual intelligence of a person or the general population as a whole. Put simply, just because one is being inundated with factoids, this does not make for a smarter working world.

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